<p><b>Chesterfield. How to survive in advertising war</b></p> <p>For the first time about tobacco brand <a href="http://cigarettehouse.net/?action=prod&cigarettes=Chesterfield&prod=113"><b>Chesterfield</b></a> people found out yet in 1873. And to thank for this we should Drummond Tobacco Company for which cigar manufacturing was, as a matter of fact, secondary business. Main profit Company made on selling chewing tobacco. New cigarettes, also named in honor of county in Virginia State had to strengthen patriotic image, at the same time giving to the Company a touch of noblesse. However it hasnít managed to develop Drummond brand. Famous "tobacco wars" began.</p> <p>The end of XIX century in America was marked with permanent conflicts of big corporations with medium and small business. As Karl Marx wrote, capitalism began to pass to its final stage - imperialism. Monopolies have devoured everything on their path. In tobacco industry such insatiable monster became American Tobacco Company Empire. In 1898 Drummond, in spite of desperate resistance and mighty ally in the name of Liggett & Myers Tobacco Company (that has subsequently granted to the world the <a href="http://cigarettehouse.net/?action=prod&cigarettes=L&M&prod=22"><b>L&M</b></a> brand) has been merged.</p> <p>When in 1907 American Tobacco Company has got under itself more than 90% of world market, American government started to worry. And in order that this stage of capitalism wouldn't be indeed the last, special services have turned up sleeves and fell to nicotine monopoly. During the investigation it appeared that Company has contrived to repeatedly infringe anti-trust legislation. After long examinations Supreme Court of the United States delivered a judgment about separation of American Tobacco Company to individual Companies. Among others in the world returned also Liggett & Myers, as bonus taking with it Chesterfield brand.</p> <p>Although Chesterfield has killed a lot of people, even so hearsays about Hitler's election campaign sponsorship appeared to be just hearsays.</p>