<p><b>Chesterfield on the waves of competition</b></p> <p>After monster-corporation dissolution on USA tobacco market was developed active and aggressive activity. Companies began to invest a lot of money in their products advertising and promotion. In order to survive, <b>Chesterfield</b> had to change a lot. As the matter of fact from the old brand remained only loud name. They even had to change the tobacco blend components. And design. Very soon, thanks to reasonable approach to promotion, brand managed to take leading positions, ceding only to such brands as <b>Camel</b> and <a href="http://cigarettehouse.net/?action=prod&cigarettes=Lucky%20Strike&prod=62"><b>Lucky Strike</b></a>.</p> <p>But there also worked very creative people. That is why Chesterfield manufacturers have felt on them very soon the entire power of "black" PR technologies. To start with in 1934 was raised a report that on the Liggett & Myers leading plant in Richmond work lepers. Customer didn't wish to smoke tobacco flavored with leprosy. And just in few months sales of Chesterfield brand have ruined. Interference of Richmond's mayor and even official refutation of Health Council haven't helped as well.</p> <p>For captured German soldiers Chesterfield was the only hard currency. Company hasn't managed to properly recover from this blow as it in the next breath has received one more. At the height of the World War II competitors have thrown in press information that Liggett & Myers in due time as sponsor assistance have granted to Adolph Hitler for election campaign 1.5 million dollars. What happened after this... Thanks God, it hasn't come to pogroms. However, these cigarettes have influenced German culture anyway. There, where American forces entered, namely Chesterfield quickly became the main currency. Those times among Germans was popular such not quite funny ditty: "Wettn Ami mil der Schwester spiel bekomme ich ein Chesterfield".</p>