<p><b>Camel cigarettes. Drop of nicotine kills camel.</b></p> <p>Everything began in the distant 1913. It was time of numerous tobacco experiments. And among other new smoking methods began to come into fashion. For example, with the help of special machine tools cut tobacco was rolled up in thin white paper. Such cylinders were called <a href="http://www.cigarettehouse.net"><b>cigarettes</b></a> and were packed in handy paper or cardboard packs. These things were growing in popularity fast among the Consumers. There is no wonder that the founder and owner of RJR tobacco Company Richard Reynolds has zealously got down to business. To begin with he has bought out Red Camel brand. Has shortened name just to Camel. It is said that to choose visual image of the brand influenced devotion to Middle East that was peculiar to America of those years. Has old Richard smartened up with Arabic tales is not known for sure but he has conducted advertising campaign that was really magic.</p> <p>Brain explosion</p> <p>It is today when nobody can be surprised with waiting blowing. But in those distant times of humanity marketing childhood it was a real revelation. Having decided that camel is not only catchy bright picture but also perfect reason for advertising innovations. RJR specialists a few days before first lot of <b>cigarettes</b> come into the market gave in newspapers of almost ninety American cities mysterious advertisements.</p> <p>"Camels" - said one of them. While Americans where thinking about it, trying to understand what is what, they were caught up with the next advertising: "Camels are coming!" Nation hasn't managed to decide either to run away from this area as quickly as possibly or to ward off camelback invasion with the help of guns and faithful "colts" and here again, directly in brain - "Tomorrow in city will be more camels than in Asia and Africa taken together!" Those, who haven't managed to get that day in asylum in order to heal with fashionable lobotomy, the next morning, have finally found out the whole truth. "<a href="http://cigarettehouse.net/?action=prod&cigarettes=Camel&prod=33"><b>Camel cigarettes</b></a> are already here!" - The final advertisement said. How not to start smoking after such marketing experiments?</p>