<p><b>Camel cigarettes. Spirit of freedom</b></p> <p>Literally from the first days of existence this tobacco brand has effectively used spirit of travels and passion to adventures. Besides picture with views of distant Africa and slogans like "Start of new inspiration", male image also is supported with the fact that namely <b>Camel cigarettes</b> have entered in American solders ration composition during World War II. Seaman or solder that is going on shore and taking from jammed pack Camel cigarettes became common Hollywood image.</p> <p>But RJR were not the single American tobacco brand that staked on eternal male values. In 1954 the game entered <a href="http://www.cigarettehouse.net/?action=prod&cigarettes=Marlboro&prod=24"><b>Marlboro</b></a> brand. Their advertising cowboy appealed not just to the spirit of adventures but to the sum and substance (though mythological) of male American nation. It is no wonder that Camel cigarettes began to lose consumers that have reached after red-white packs. Something had to be done. The result of long searches became organization of famous adventure advertising project in which spirit of travels and real male character have managed to find their realization. In 1980 was held first tournament Camel Trophy. For 20 years of its existence this will, cars and nature confrontation took place in 24 countries but participated there 160 teams.</p> <p>Are you too old for adventures?</p> <p>But, in spite of all attempts, Camel cigarettes haven't managed to overcome competitors. Besides, the 2000 turn began. The image of dirty and unshaven nature conqueror stopped to attract men. They took a fancy for comfort and refinement. Active rest started to be associated more and more with healthy lifestyle that hasn't combined with nicotine in any way. Besides Camel cigarettes haven't managed to win leadership on perspective markets of former communist block - Russia and China. The reason is simple - people preferred <b>Marlboro</b>. Not for taste characteristics but because namely these <a href="http://www.cigarettehouse.net/"><b>cigarettes</b></a> were symbol of forbidden capitalist heaven. But as it is known forbidden fruit is sweet.</p> <p>In 1999 RJR has sold <b>Camel</b> brand to Japan Company Japan Tabacco. Advertisers from the land of the rising sun decided that "camel" can be rescued only by urgent and serious re-branding. And it has begun. People forgot about adventures very quickly. In 2000 Camel Trophy project was scrapped. The stake was made on flavor refinement and many years brand history. Design of the pack became more and more restrained until it has transformed into brown or gold yellow small box with silver spot that hinted on camel. Generally, Camel tries to keep up with modern men and pretend to elite brand of premium class. Who knows, maybe Japanese will succeed...</p>