<p><b>Experts: electronic cigarettes are not less harmful than usual. Part 1</p></b> <p>Safety of electronic cigarettes without nicotine and acrid smoke that were patented in Hong Kong in 2003 and that as was supposed will secure many heavy smokers is placed in question. FDA experts have found out that possibility to fall sick with cancer because of smoking such cigarettes is not just decreasing, but even grows.</p> <p>This have shown tests of 19 types of electronic cigarettes that were made by Food and Drug Administration (FDA), USA. According to the results of these tests FDA has called Americans to refrain from consumption of this novelty. According to FDA specialists, use of these devices is not a safe alternative to smoking.</p> <p>So, during the tests has cleared up presence in one of the cartridges toxic substance that is usually used as antifreeze (diethyleneglycol). But when consuming electronic cigarettes have extracted nitrosamines that have carcinogenic property and other harmful for person admixtures.</p> <p>Besides, has cleared up that quantity of nicotine that enters smoker's (who uses electronic cigarette) blood badly respond to control and it is not less than in usual cigarette that is why addiction to it also flavored with tobacco aromatizers happens faster.</p> <p>According to experts, quality control during electronic cigarettes production doesn't correspond to set norms. Moreover, these products don't contain health warnings as compared to cigarettes substitute approved by FDA.</p>