<p><b>Smoking ban in Europe</b></p> <p>Next year in Europe is going to be passed full smoking ban not only at the work-place but even in restaurants, bars and coffee shops.</p> <p>Psychologists and psychiatrists state that any dependence should be treated on the inside, no chains, penalties and bans will not rebuild motivation of action that pushes person to tobacco, alcohol or drugs. And also, it is not invented today: forbidden fruit is sweet. Again, how to be with democracy that supposes minority loyalty?</p> <p>What is democracy? It is majority rights that don't infringe minority rights. In Western democracies this rule in respect of smokers has been strictly observed up to date. In any public place there are corners were smoking id possible. In major international airports it is easy to find at least any room where you can take off cigarettes.</p> <p>On first September ban has been applied to such quite smoking country as Greece. But as it is known Greek people are famous sybarites, it is impossible to deprive them of good wine and cigarettes. Greece, we can say, lives outside, that is why smoking ban in public places is Irish bull for this country. Till October nobody even enters these public places, preferring to seat on open terraces. The same situation is in Paris and London.</p> <p>The most effective method of smoking control is not to allow vogue on this, especially among youth.</p>