<p><b>Smoking ban in different countries of the world. Part 1</b></p> <p><b>Australia</b></p> <p>Smoking is prohibited inside all airports, state institutions, and medicinal institutions and at working places. Restaurants and shopping centers in majority of states also have status of zones free of smoking.</p> <p>In Sidney smoking is prohibited also on world-famous beaches Bondi and Manly. In 2007 Fremantle went even farther and prohibited smoking in restaurants. Perth city has followed the lead in August 2008 and is expected that smoking will be prohibited in entire country.</p> <p><b>Bhutan</b></p> <p>Sale of tobacco products was prohibited on all territory of Himalayan royalty Bhutan. It is considered first country that has made this. This step is part of government strategy, its results - Bhutan after all will become non-smoking nation. Smoking is popular among small per cent of Bhutan population Chewing tobacco is more spread phenomena.</p> <p><b>Canada</b></p> <p>In this country level of smoking is one of the lowest in the world, state statistics has data that in 2002 only 21 per cent of Canadians elder than 15 years have informed that they smoke. Public health experts say that decrease has been provided by severe struggle with smoking and measures that has been taken by the government during last few years. Apart from smoking ban on work places and mane public places, cigarette packs bring graphic images about harm that smoking causes to internals.</p>