<p><b>Smoking ban in different countries of the world. Part 3</b></p> <p><b>France</b> makes important step on the way to full smoking ban, when it has declared about its intention to prohibit smoking at work places and in other public buildings from February 1st, 2007. This law has been updated in 2008 and has included coffee shops, restaurants and bars.</p> <p>First serious step for decreasing level of smoking was measure that came into force in October 2003 when prices were raised up by 20 per cents. This measure has aroused strikes of tobacco Sellers and their rage, many people where afraid of business closing but some smokers have crossed border for buying cigarettes in neighboring countries. According to analysts this plan was conditioned by government's concern of not-decreasing level of smoking dependence of budget deficit for health necessities.</p> <p>From the moment of smoking ban, French people began to change their point of view regarding this question. French ministry of health as nice gesture of "tolerance" has allowed smokers for 24 hours to ignore prohibitions on New Year's eve 2008. Any smoker that will ignore ban will be penalized on amount up to 450 euro but owners of bars, restaurants, coffee shops and discos in which people smoke will be penalized in amount of 750 euro.</p> <p>In <b>Germany</b>, in Berlin, at the beginning of 2008 was adopted smoking ban in beerhouse and restaurants. Berlin authorities have decided to introduce restriction gradually during 6 months. German restaurants and pubs have resolutely opposed the ban not only because of potential lose of income but partially because earlier was smoking ban initiated by Adolph Hitler - Nazi regime leader. It has stimulated authorities to allow special separate premises intended only for smokers.</p>