<p><b>Smoking ban in different countries of the world. Part 4</b></p> <p><b>Ireland</b> began aggressive fight against smoking on legislation level in March 2004, prohibiting smoking in bars, restaurants and other closed premises and work places. Everyone who is caught for smoking in prohibited place encounters penalty in amount of 3000 euro.</p> <p><b>Italy</b> has introduced ban for smoking in all closed public places, including bars and restaurants from January 10th, 2005 midnight. Owners of enterprises were smoker will be noticed will have to pay penalty in amount of up to 2000 euro but smoker himself caught for smoking in prohibited place will pay penalty up to 275 euro. This ban wasn't well-welcomed by everyone, some bar owners and smokers have expressed opinion that they will ignore this ban basing on that <a href="http://www.cigarettehouse.net"><b>cigarettes</b></a> smoking is integral part of Italian cafe-bar and culture. New rules allow to smoke in special hermetic premises that are equipped with good ventilation, however many bar owners have expressed their opinion that equipping of such premises and compulsory ventilation requires too big expenses.</p> <p>Tobacco sellers have informed about 20 per cent decrease of <b>cigarettes</b> sales during few weeks directly after the ban came into force.</p> <p><b>Lithuania</b>. In 2007 law about smoking ban in coffee-shops, bars and in all public places came into force.</p> <p><b>Montenegro</b>. In Serbia and Montenegro smoking level in entire Europe is one of the highest. In August, 2004, Montenegrin part of the Union decided to introduce general ban on smoking in public places, hoping that smoking culture in offices, restaurants, bars and bus stations will shake. Now, according to new law, tobacco advertising and smoking image on TV will be prohibited.</p>