<p><b>Smoking ban in different countries of the world. Part 6</b></p> <p><b>Spain</b>. New law that prohibits smoking in offices, markets, schools, hospitals, cultural centers and public transport was introduced since January 1st, 2006. Enterprises that had area more than 100 square meters were given 8 months to create zone for smokers. In premises that were smaller was introduced restriction on smoking. Researches show that approximately 30% of Spaniards smoke. Interrogation that was carried by government in December showed that 70 per cent of population support smoking ban or restrictions.</p> <p><b>Sweden</b> Smoking is prohibited in all bars and restaurants from midnight of May 2005. Majority of interrogated population have welcomed the ban. All entertaining organizations should have closed premises for smokers, well ventilated, in these premises taken meal.</p> <p><b>Great Britain</b> Smoking is prohibited practically in all closed public places - including bars, restaurants and working places. Ban came into force in England July 1st. Scotland has introduced ban in March 2006, then Wales and North Ireland in April 2007. Penalty for smoking in prohibited place makes 50 euro. According to last researches of London Imperial College 30 per cent of Britain people in age group up to 65 years, smoke. According to estimations, 42% of people at age elder than 65 years exposed to tobacco smoke influence (passive smoking) at their home and 11% at work. Problem of passive smoking were in the center of tense debates among pro and anti inclined groups in smoking question and each party contests statistic data results.</p>