<p><b>Smoking ban in different countries of the world. Part 7</b></p> <p><b>India</b></p> <p>Smoking ban in public places came into force in October 2008 within the efforts on restraining high rates of population dependence on tobacco. Any person caught for infringement of the law will be penalized on 200 rupees (approximately 4.5 USD). Law on smoking control in India has been violated a lot. Besides, this law prohibits direct and indirect advertisement of tobacco products and cigarettes sale to children. According to research in 1996 112 000 000 of people in India smoke, while approximately 96 000 000 use chewing tobacco.</p> <p><b>Iran</b></p> <p>Iran has prohibited smoking in public places and tobacco products advertising in October 2003 but both these measures have had small influence. Smoking is prohibited in religious and administrative buildings and also in hotels, restaurants, airports, cinemas and sport centers. In spite of this, ban is considerably ignored and the law is seldom followed. Statistics shows growth of smoking among young Iranians.</p> <p><b>Kenya</b></p> <p>In capital of the country Nairobi is smoking ban in closed public places that came into force in July, 2007 with analogous ban in Mombasa and in rift valley - Nakuru city. Any smoking in offices, bus stations and in places were sport events take place will lead person that has infringed law to penalty in amount of 50000 of Kenyan shillings (approximately 700 USD) or six months of prison. This ban also applies to bars and restaurants.</p>