<p><b>Facts about smoking. Part 2</b></p> <p><b>Facts of passive smoking</b></p> <p>Fact: When someone smokes cigarette, smoke goes out from two main places. Firstly, leafs' and filling' burning on cigarette's end and secondly from the remaining cigarette part hot gases go through cigarette and filter.</p> <p>Fact: When smoke is present in the room, something like 70-80 per cents, this smoke goes directly from burning cigarette's end. Namely this smoke contains high concentration of nicotine, tar, carbon monoxide and a lot of carcinogenic agents.</p> <p><b>Facts. Nicotine</b></p> <p>Fact: Nicotine is present in form of liquid in tobacco leafs. When leafs are burned out, nicotine disappears, but when inhaling cigarette smoke it goes in blood and gets into brain within 20 seconds.</p> <p>Fact: As soon as smoking process is over, level of nicotine in blood starts to decrease at once. It continues to decrease with time, while smoker doesn't satisfy thirst one more time.</p>