<p><b>What does 5 inches x 42 printed on advertising folder near the name mean?</b></p> <p>It is cigar size it's length and thickness. Length may be determined in inches (as a rule, these are cigars made of long leaf) or centimeters (millimeters). One inch is equal to 2.54 centimeters, so we have on our example long cigar of 12.7 centimeters.</p> <p>Second figure is cigar thickness. In case with cigar made of oblong leaf is often used such measure as ring gauge - 1/46 of inch. Cigar thickness index in this measurement system can be between 21 and 60.</p> <p>In our example we have ring gauge 42. Knowing this figure cigar diameter can be calculated in centimeters: 1/64 inches multiply by 42 is equal to approximately 1.47 centimeters. Cigar diameter is shown in millimeters (as a rule in case with cigars made of cut tobacco).</p> <p>One of cigars of Cuban brand H. Upmann is named Magnum 46 in honor of gun barrel of famous mark.</p>