<p><b>How and with what to burn a cigar?</b></p> <p>Cigar is very dependent to foreign scents that is why it shouldn't be lightened by petrol lighter or candle as their content can pass through the flame into cigar and provide it with oily flavor. Gas lighter can be used if it can make small flame.</p> <p>But true cigar devotee prefers to burn cigars with matches. For this purpose usual matches can be used - just wait a little till sulfur burns out. If you will burn a real big cigar, one match will not be enough for sure. You can also burn two matches at once for bigger flame. However, there are special matches for cigars - long, without sulfur.</p> <p>Some smokers use to burn up cigar hand-made slivers, some prefer cedar slivers. Cedar in this case doesn't influence cigar flavor but long, big sliver is very suitable.</p> <p>One way or another, when lighting up cigar you should not hurry.</p> <p>To light up cigar correctly you should follow a lot of rules. You should hold cigar in your hands under small flame approximately one centimeter apart and under the angle of 45 grades and rotate it slowly so that flame's heat would touch cigar end (but not the flame itself) and till it spreads evenly through entire cigar end. Again: the flame shouldn't touch cigar otherwise you will get adust cigar. In this case procedure takes more time than if you would have cigar in your mouth. Nevertheless this method is better. If you will inhale cigar smoke during lighting up it will provide pungent flaming smoke that will spoil you pleasure of future inhaling.</p>