<p><b>How is better to smoke to get the most pleasure possible?</b></p> <p>First of all you should understand that cigar is flavor and aroma but not satiation with nicotine. Cigar smoke shouldn't be inhaled. Sipping cigar rare but with regular intervals (for example, once a minute) you will not let it become burning fast or extinguish.</p> <p>If cigar has filler made of tobacco crumbs, don't clench it in your teeth very strong as it can just destroy. Mouthpiece can protect from extra saliva and tobacco crumbs on your lips.</p> <p>After inhaling first smoke portion, don't hurry to breathe it out, release it slowly, and enjoy the process. To make things fast, in hurry is not for cigar smoking process. Here you should make everything steadily, slowly, gravely.</p> <p><b>Does ashes length matter on cigar?</b></p> <p>Some ashes (till 1.5 centimeters) on cigar not only look good but are also useful as it has cooling effect.</p> <p>On a big cigar ashes can hold till the half of length, but there is no practical necessity in it. So, don't push luck as you risk dropping a lot of ashes on your jacket or on the dress of your woman or inside the glass of your interlocutor.</p> <p>It is not good to shake ashes off - try to touch the ashtray bottom with cigar so that they wouldn't scatter and would break in whole.</p>