<p><b>How to determine if cigar is fresh and should you throw out dried up cigars?</b></p> <p>To determine cigar conditions you can squeeze it a little. Usual cigar will be hard. Even a little audible crunch or crackling during squeezing confirms that cigar has dried off. However, don't overdo, when pressing on cigar in order not to damage its cover and cigar structure.</p> <p>Also, bear in mind while buying cigar that if it is seems usual by touch it doesn't mean that it has been such always. Maybe it was kept near the radiator for several years and then it was humidified. So, if your have possibility, smell the cigar. Smell or its absence will show you cigar in its initial state or it is fresh only by sight.</p> <p>Another characteristic of usual cigar state is its cover oiliness.</p> <p>You should be alerted if cigar cover is wavy. It means that it most likely was kept in improper conditions: first it was over humidified and then over dried. Over humidifying is process of broadening, over drying - of compression. When this drop happens momentary, roughly, construction can be broken what will create problems during smoking. In another case, if these processes will flow steadily, cigar can be just flavorless.</p> <p>A very good tip is chaps on the leaf. It is most likely that you will have a hard time with such cigar than take pleasure of it.</p> <p>Do you have to throw away over dried cigars? There are points of view regarding this matter. According to one of them, becoming over dried is disastrous for cigar, moreover if it is made of long leaf. At least once becoming over dried, cigar loses for ever its initial flavor and taste, not to mention that it becomes weak and fragile. Humidity recovering returns it smoking features but not more. According to another point of view, cigar moistening also recovers its bouquet.</p> <p>How is it in fact? You can experiment and make your own conclusion. Cigar moistening shouldn't be harsh. You can decide to place cigars on the bottom of a jar near cup with water or make steam room in the bath and keep cigar there - in this situation you risk to have sad result. During intense satiation with moisture cigar filler will humidify very fast but under-leaf and cover will be dried and filler swelling will make chaps on them. Specialists recommend to arm with patience and place dried cigars on humidor bottom, below all other but approximately in six weeks, move them closer to humidifying device.</p>