<p><b>Menthol cigarettes can disappear from sale</b></p> <p>American experts have offered to prohibit <b>menthol cigarettes</b>.</p> <p>Consultative board Of Food and Drug Administration (FDA) came to conclusion that prohibition on menthol cigarette sale will positively influence social health, Bloomberg informs.</p> <p>Research, lasted a year that has been considered on board's meeting, has shown that menthol in tobacco products makes smoking more attractive for beginners and also makes giving up more difficult. Consultants will make an official report summarizing results of the meeting till March 23rd. It will contain recommendations on tobacco products with menthol prohibition and also on making additional researches with the purpose to find out how such prohibition will increase illegal turnover of these products.</p> <p>According to Tobacco products Center of FDA director Lawrence Deyton words, results of preliminary agency consideration of the expert's report will be published approximately in 90 days. To make a decision on menthol tobacco prohibition tine frames are not stipulated.</p> <p>Two of thee major tobacco manufacturers in USA - Lorillard and Reynolds have already filed a claim at court to protect FDA against recommendations of the Council board. The reason of it was named conflict of interests: three board members act as paid consultants on legal procedures against tobacco Companies and get money from manufacturers of devices for smoking cessation. Court decision concerning these cases wasn't made yet.</p> <p>According to official data <b>menthol <a href="http://www.cigarettehouse.net">cigarettes</a></b> take 30 per cent of entire tobacco products USA market, turnover of which makes 85 billions USD a year.</p>