<p><b>What to do if during smoking cigar has extinguished?</b></p> <p>Don't light up cigar after it has extinguished no matter how much time has passed as its will not have the same taste anymore. Others admit that if you will not have anything else at hand, you can light up extinguished cigar again, expressing the same accuracy as if you were burning up new cigar and don't allow repeated cigar burn up. But if you have choice, it is better to start smoking a new cigar.</p> <p>Sooner or later you will understand how is better to proceed in this situation by your own experience. But nobody will advise you to extinguish cigar intentionally to start smoking it again. It is bad taste.</p> <p><b>What will happen if you dip cigar end into port wine or cognac?</b></p> <p>According to widespread opinion cigar bouquet becomes more refined if you wet cigar end in fine beverage. Others consider that this will just spoil cigar, making the cigar wet and loose. Others just apply several drops of cognac. Of course, you can try all these methods before you understand which is better for you. But it is not necessary to experiment with luxury cigar as it is perfect on its own and doesn't need any flavorings. Trying to make it better is to insult it.</p> <p>Another situation is during cigar manufacturing. For example, cognac is present in cigarillos Al Capone Sweets and this information is printed on the pack. In solution that contains palm sugar and fruit juice are treated filling and binding tobacco leafs intended for cigars that are produced in Indian city Tiruchirappalli. Flavored cigarillos are very popular in USA.</p> <p>However high-quality cigarillos don't contain any flavoring agents. The real tobacco taste also appreciate pipe lovers.</p> <p>However, considering cigar refined conclusion of the meal, gourmet will not indulge to drink cognac, whisky or branded port wine during smoking. You may be surprised but among beverages compatible with cigars, some people drink beer - of course of choice sorts, they even can tell which sort of beer is the most compatible with that or another cigar. In English pubs you can often hear: "Pinta and Castella", i.e. portion of beer and local cigar which name became here practically common name.</p>