<p><b>Tobacco Companies in Australia were sent to knockdown</b></p> <p>Design of cigarettes packs according new anti-smoking law is directed to disincline smokers from smoking.</p> <p>According to new law about tobacco products advertising that comes into force from January 1st 2012, tobacco Companies on Green continent will have to remove all logos and inscriptions from cigarette packs and change them with "colorific" images of smokers' mouths affected with cancer and sick children.</p> <p>With the help of new law, are sure in Canberra, Australia will be in vanguard of smoking control with the help of very tough anti-advertising of cigarettes.</p> <p>From now on name of cigarette brand will be possible to find out only after inscription made with tiny font. Usual images of camels and so on will disappear advertising inscriptions that describe tobacco beauties. Authorities decided to unify the color of tobacco products as well. In 9 months all cigarettes in Australia should have dirty green-grey color that, according to legislators' idea should invoke not anticipation of pleasure but disgust.</p> <p>"We have adopted first legislation in the world on cigarettes design, - Nicola Roxon, Australian Minister of Health explains, - and we give to tobacco manufacturers to understand that times of glamour are over. Now, cigarette packs will warn only about deaths and illnesses to which smoking leads. From now on, design of <a href="http://www.cigarettehouse.net"><b>cigarettes</b></a> will be directed to reduce their attractiveness and remind smokers of effect that smoking has on their health".</p> <p>Tobacco Companies do not intend to give up without struggle. British American Tobacco, manufacturer of such cigarettes brands as Winfield, Dunhill and Benson already prepares legal action to Australian government.</p>