<p><b>Not all cigarettes are the same harmful</b></p> <p>One in five smokers is sure that some cigarette brands are less harmful than other - an unusual research has shown. Except this, persons that smoke <a href="http://www.cigarettehouse.net"><b>cigarettes</b></a> also make distinctions between types of cigarettes of one brand. For example, <b>cigarettes</b>, marked as "gold", "silver" or "slims" automatically arouse in smokers' consciousness idea of their relative safety, The Sydney Morning Herald notes.</p> <a>Results of appropriate survey have been published in Addiction magazine. They have confirmed theory according to which from packaging depends a lot attitude of consumers to products. In this regard, for example, in Australia government has come forward with an initiative to prohibit bright packs. Let's remind: earlier in frame of ten years anti-smoking plan in Great Britain Minister of Health has encouraged tobacco Companies to remove from <b>cigarettes</b> packs logos in order to offer for sale black and white packs with cigarettes' name and inscriptions, warning about tobacco harm.</p> <p>All together researchers have interrogated more than 8000 of former and present smokers, including 2000 Australians. Researchers were interested what smokers believe in, what they consider important in tobacco smoking. So, women have oftener stated idea of less harm of some cigarettes. But elder people were sure: cigarettes' brand they have used to is the safest. More than one third of respondents have considered erroneously that nicotine is responsible for cancer but 41 per cent was sure that less strong <b>cigarettes</b> are better.</p>