<p><b>"Smart" cigarettes join smokers into social net</b></p> <p>It seems that joining of people in the Internet reaches its' apogee. One of the most oppressed groups in society - smokers - will get their on union. The most interesting thing is that to find each other will help tobacco lovers unusual <b>cigarettes</b>.</p> <p>The case is about "smart" electronic <b>cigarettes</b> that will appear next month. Inside the packs will be built in special sensors.</p> <p>American Company Blu is manufacturing electronic <b>cigarettes</b> with unique option. On their own electronic devices are created to imitate process of traditional <a href="http://www.cigarettehouse.net/"><b>cigarettes</b></a> smoking. Device generates dense steam that externally reminds of tobacco smoke. In electronic <b>cigarettes</b> are used cartridges that are filled with special liquid that contains different quantity of nicotine. It is supposed that item allows controlling physical and psychological hankering to smoking. However, there is no confirmation of this fact as necessary clinical tests haven't been made.</p> <p>In the meantime electronic <b>cigarettes</b> from now on, apparently, can take as well so popular today niche in overall interest to social nets. All is because manufacturers have built inside the packs with these smoking devices special sensors. Thanks to them smokers will easily find each other in the crowed and make acquaintance. This innovation, as it is expected, should join nicotine fans in groups in order to indulge their passion among persons like him.</p> <p>Technology on which operation of device is based is already used but only in other products. Mostly, in pads, mobile phones, game consoles. For example, it is used in console 3DS of Nintendo. When user, let's say, is walking along the street or is in transport, it is interacting with other users alike and is exchanging data with other Nintendo 3DS systems, offering the person to fight in the games with gamers that are around.</p> <p>The same way "smart" <b>cigarettes</b> look for radio-signals of different smokers that are around. Range of operation is approximately 15 meters. After making contact pack is illuminating with blue color. Besides, packs also serves as charger for e-cigarettes. It also is able to collect and exchange information about its owner, adding it on smoker's page in social net. Device is easily connected to computer.</p> <p>In addition innovative cigarette packs are learned to vibrate when smoker passes by shops that sell products of manufacturer. Future versions will be provided with connection with smart phones and also will start to control smoked quantity and inform users about it. Preliminary price of such pack will be approximately 70 USD.</p>