<p><b>European Union Commissioner: Lithuania will develop plan of EU protection from contraband</b></p> <p>Lithuanian government together with government of other European Union countries and Euro Commission Officers intend already this summer to create plan destined to block traffic for contraband <b>cigarettes</b> - press-center of the Cabinet has informed.</p> <p>"According to working results of Customs Board in the first quarter of 2011 was registered that Customs has initiated approximately on one third more criminal cases than for the same period of 2010" - the document says.</p> <p>"Number of contraband <b>cigarettes</b> in each specific identified case has reduced considerably, but frequency of attempts to pass over the Customs border contraband goods has increased a lot". It is marked that smugglers started to import "less, but oftener". In order to change the situation cardinally, "Lithuania together with European Union looks for methods to reduce contraband flows. In order to struggle with this kind of crimes a special plan of Eastern EU border defense is created" - European Union Commissioner Algirdas Semeta has declared.</p> <p>One of effective plan elements, according to Euro Officer opinion, is convergence of excise taxes on <a href="http://www.cigarettehouse.net"><b>cigarettes</b></a> and tobacco in "third" countries with excise taxes from European Union.</p> <p>Euro Commission aims to motivate governments located behind Eastern border of European Union to such steps.</p> <p>Lithuanian government in December of the last year has declared of readiness to bring out of "shadow" till the end of 2011 1 billion lit - approximately 290 millions euro. Totally, in "shadow economy" of Lithuania according to estimations of experts "turn" from 6 to 10 billions lit, what makes from one third to half of annual budget of the country.</p> <p>And these figured don't include so called "grey" economic zones in which enterprises defraud the revenue, hide taxes and part of salary they hand out in envelopes. It is supposed that in "grey economy" turn over from 1 to 2 billions lit more.</p>