<p><b>Smoking parents give birth to girls</b></p> <p>Scientists have come to conclusion that smoking parents have much more chances to give birth to a girl then a boy.</p> <p>As scaled pediatric research has showed, if both parents home on early stage of pregnancy, chances to give birth to a boy fall almost twice. There are proofs that smoking is able to kill male embryos inside the womb. Besides, scientists have determined that smoking can also cause miscarriages. Research has been made by group of pediatricians under the direction of Professor Bernard Brabin.</p> <p>Scientists have found out that substances that <a href="http://www.cigarettehouse.net"><b>cigarettes</b></a> contain, for example, nicotine, prevent from getting in ovum sperm that contains male chromosomes. In research took part 9 thousands pf pregnant women. It appeared that women who smoked during pregnancy have given birth to boys thee times rarer than non-smoking women. If to consider health factors and mothers' age, it finds out that in case when father smokes as well, chance to give birth to a boy reduced almost twice. Hypothesis is as follows: sperm that contains Y-chromosome that is responsible for boys' birth are more sensitive to negative changes that take place in the mother's body because of smoking. Smoking reduces content of estrogen and causes changes in the neck of womb.</p> <p>Conclusion is clear: if you want to increase chances of giving birth to a boy, don't smoke during pregnancy. Research results have caused questionable reaction of scientists in entire world. It results that smoking influences demography of world population. "There are a lot of works on how smoking influences weight of newborn child, however now is found that smoking mothers oftener deliver girls" - Alison Poulton, senior teacher of pediatrics from Sydney University (Australia) has shared his thoughts about research results.</p>