<p><b>In USA were chosen frightening images for cigarette packs</b></p> <p>Food and Drugs Administration has determined final list of frightening images that will become required elements of cigarette packs inform the FDA web-site.</p> <p>As noted, introduction of such images will become first change of warnings style for more than 25 years and "is essential progress in informing about danger of smoking".</p> <p>Earlier FDA specialists have developed 36 variants of graphic warnings for printing them on packs of tobacco products. These warnings represent images and pictures that image negative consequences of smoking: tumors, tracheotome and so on.</p> <p>As result of analysis more than 1.7 thousands of community comments of scientific literature and results of interrogation of 18 thousand Americans from 36 images were chosen nine. They have been approved by FDA and should appear on all sold cigarette packs not later than October 20th 2012.</p> <p>It is known that pictures of people who suffered of tobacco smoke will be placed on black base together with inscription with big white letters on both sides of cigarette pack and will take big area of advertising module. Such pictures will also appear in cigarettes' advertisements. On each pack will be printed phone number of support service for those who wish to quit smoking.</p> <p>According to US Health of Ministry smoke 20.6 per cent of adult USA population (46 million of people), including 19.5 per cent of American Universities' students.</p>