<p><b>Smoking ban in France</b></p> <p>Smokers in France are not very restricted. It is allowed to smoke in all open places - on airport or depot exit, at entrances into public places, on open coffee shops and restaurants' terraces.</p> <p>It is said that it is not allowed to smoke on platforms, on train exit, however many French people and country guests ignore this ban. The proof of this is a lot of cigarette butts on the asphalt: there are only few trash cans in depots and near airports. It is most likely that have been removed for safety reasons. On bus station you can see people with <a href="http://www.cigarettehouse.net"><b>cigarettes</b></a> that make last spastic inhale before they got on the bus.</p> <p>Smoking is strictly prohibited only inside closed public places. Although in hotel rooms are installed devices that react on smoke, it is said that people that want to smoke a lot, close them with cans, glasses or other devices. That is why it is possible sometimes to feel light tobacco scent.</p> <p>In a word, France continues to smoke. Prices on <b>cigarettes</b> almost don't stop French people at all.</p>