<p><b>In Iceland cigarettes will be sold in pharmacies on prescription</b></p> <p>In Iceland parliament was introduce legislation according to which cigarettes should be equaled to medicines. In order to buy <b>cigarettes</b> smokers will have to have diagnoses "drug addiction" and prescription from doctor. And with this prescription smoker can go to pharmacy for <b>cigarettes</b>.</p> <p>Legislation author - former Iceland Minister of Health Siv Fridleifsdottir, it was supported by deputies of all five parties of Iceland parliament.</p> <p>Offer consists in removing <b>cigarettes</b> from free sale completely. It will be impossible to buy them in shop or fuel filling station. Smokers will have to address to doctor in order to get pharmaceutical treatment. And only in case the treatment doesn't help to quit smoking, smoker will have diagnoses "drug addiction" and will get prescription on buying <b>cigarettes</b> in pharmacy.</p> <p>Besides, Icelanders plan to prohibit smoking in public places, for example, in parks, on parapets, cars, if inside them are children. Iceland wants to follow Australian example where are taken very strict measures on smoking control. For example, there came into force law lately that prohibits logos and branding on tobacco pack. From now on Australian pack of <a href="http://www.cigarettehouse.net"><b>cigarettes</b></a> will be made in dark-olive and brown colors. This decision became result of research that has proven that namely such design is less attractive for smokers. Warnings about smoking harm with graphic images will take now 75 % of front side pack area and 90 % of the back side. Namely in such way authorities want to design "pharmaceutical" <b>cigarettes</b> in Iceland.</p> <p>While the law is not accepted, in Iceland is planned to increase prices on <b>cigarettes</b>. According to Fridleifsdottir's words, "10% increase of the price on cigarette pack results in a 4-8% reduction in consumption increase", The Guardian writes. At present moment pack of <b>cigarettes</b> costs approximately one thousand krona (approximately 5.5 pounds), and they should cost, according to Iceland Society of Cardiology president, Thorarinn Gudnason, calculations, more than three thousands krona. "Nicotine should be equaled to narcotic substance, <b>cigarettes</b> should be sold as medicine" - Gudnason tells. - I doubt <b>cigarettes</b> would ever get on the market now that we know the side-effects - lung cancer, heart attacks, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease."</p>