<p><b>Smoking mothers deliver children with underdeveloped kidneys</b></p> <p>Dutch researchers from Erasmus Rotterdam Medical Center (located in corresponding city) have determined: children that are delivered by mothers who were smoking during the pregnancy have kidneys with size that is lower than it has to be. So, scientists have concretized once again the risk that smokers' children bear.</p> <p>Reduced size of kidneys is explained with less quantity of nephrons that fetus has formed during prenatal development. Babies that came into being with defect mentioned above, when being adult turn into hypertensive patients with chronic kidney disease.</p> <p>Using most recent ultrasound investigation unit, medics have researched 1000 small children approximately half from which have suffered during prenatal period because their mothers were addicted with tobacco smoking while being pregnant. After having studied statistics, thorough Dutch people have detected that damage to the health of unborn child depends on dose and that liminal value for causing harm to kidneys is 10 <a href="http://www.cigarettehouse.net"><b>cigarettes</b></a> smoked by mother during one day. But, this of course doesn't mean that less than half of pack is allowed to smoke. Prenatal mechanism of pathology development is not known yet, new experiments are coming.</p>