<p><b>Indian Supreme Court can prohibit tobacco consumption in the food</b></p> <p>Heavy smokers have their own "professional" humor. Many of them on traditional "Quit smoking!" answer jokingly: <a href="http://www.cigarettehouse.net"><b>cigarettes</b></a> are like food for them. For Indian nicotine lovers in such a joke is hidden considerable part of truth. Products based on chewing tobacco with various additions - so called "gutkha" - are quite popular in India. If chewing gutkha regularly food cravings bate. If betel is added in the mix, Indian worker feels energy serge as well. Tobacco chewing is conviction for teeth, lips and entire mouth cavity. All Indian oncologists know well victims of carcinogenic gutkha.</p> <p>Right after plastic package of tobacco products prohibition and image hardening of frightening pictures on cigarette and gutkha packs, chewing tobacco market in India turned out at the threshold of new shocks this time because of changes in food safety standards. If Supreme Court of the country approves them, it will be prohibited to use tobacco in any products that are certified as food.</p> <p>Manufacturing Company STF, leader of gutkha market feels the "beginning of end". Its' president Shree Gopal has told that after plastic packaging prohibition sales of products has fallen by 40 %. Usual paper packs during the rain season lose consumer value. And now, apparently, Company will have to cease business operations and dismiss thousands of engineers and labor.</p> <p>Decision regarding gutkha whether to prohibit it or not will be made in September of current year. If this ban works, production of chewing mixes with tobacco will go into the shadows as one thing is to bury industry but to overcome tradition is another thing.</p>