<p><b>To quit smoking means to change the brain</b></p> <p>In Chicago inform of August release of "Archives of general psychotherapy" magazine with report about research organizers of which have found out why 50 % of those who quits smoking returns to <b>cigarettes</b> during first three days because of unpleasant effects of cancellation.</p> <p>Earlier has been proved that early presentation of nicotine cancellation syndrome is connected with the fact that toxic alkaloid modulates work of neurons that extract dopamine. But with interference in dopamine sphere is connected majority of vicious habits of which is difficult or not very difficult to get rid of. New research has shown how cigarette smoke affects activity of monoamine oxidase enzyme type A, excess of which in brain parts, responsible for affect, leads to classic depressions that confirm monoamine theory.</p> <p>Scientists-psychiatrists from Toronto have made experiment on 24 non-smoking, mental healthy citizens, 12 heavy smokers (more than 25 <a href="http://www.cigarettehouse.net"><b>cigarettes</b></a> a day) and 12 moderate smokers. Participants were invited to go through brain examination on positron tomograph - once for non-smokers and twice for smokers. Repeated tomography - in few days after smoking sober offered by doctors.</p> <p>It appeared that growth of MAO-A enzyme quantity is observed among heavy smokers but not those, who smokes less than a pack a day. Content of monoamine oxidase in some zones of the brain cortex after refusing tobacco has grown by 23-34 %. And, of course, has exceeded normal (as among non-smokers), giving entirely another image on tomograph. That is why for those who is used to smoke all the day long and to spend on tobacco products up to 20 % of their earnings, is so unpleasant to compare their depressed state with mood of usual people. Trying to balance emotions, experienced smoker strains after cigarette.</p> <p>Scientists have tried earlier as well to use monoamine oxidase inhibitors in nicotinism therapy. But as these preparations have a lot of their own side effects, a question arose, is it necessary to prescribe such anti-depressants for all smokers. Now MAO-A inhibitors will be tested in smoking control process again on those for whom one pack a day is not limit and for whom is especially difficult during the first days as changes in their brain need external interference most likely.</p>