<p><b>Smugglers have set bees at Turkish police</b></p> <p>In Turkey smugglers have set several dickers of honey bees at police that has performed raid. In such a way infringers of the import rules tried to withstand screening of their truck where they have transported batch of contraband <b>cigarettes</b>. This incident took place on October 9th, on the lay of line in Adana city.</p> <p>In operation of arresting smuggled goods representatives of Police Service for prevention of smuggling and organized crime have participated. They have got information about possible import of smuggled goods in Turkey beforehand.</p> <p>When policemen have asked the driver of suspicious truck to open car body, he has obeyed. However, instead of showing goods that he was importing, one of the driver's accomplices has opened beehive that was in the car and has let the insects out on policemen. Totally 15 people have suffered of bees' attack.</p> <p>In the car were several beehives - they had to become "camouflage" for real contraband. All hives have been taken out the truck and policemen have found in the car body smuggled <a href="http://cigarettehouse.net"><b>cigarettes</b></a>. There were more than 32 thousands packs.</p> <p>Company of smugglers has been arrested after what administrative fine has been imposed on them. They were released with condition that they come in the court at appointed date.</p> <p>Where have been passed beehives is not specified.</p>