<p><b>Scientists: electronic cigarettes should be upgraded</b></p> <p>Researchers from Pennsylvania state medical college (Penn State College) consider that medical workers should encourage switch to electronic <b>cigarettes</b> smokers who cannot quit this addiction. Professor of health protection and mental medicine Jonathan Foulds says that if smoker experiences difficulties in overcoming nicotine dependence and refusing long-term habit, in this case switch to electronic cigarette is one of the solutions to reducing risk for health.</p> <p>From point if view of smoker this device looks like cigarette and delivers nicotine as cigarette, but without tar and carbon monoxide that cause distinctive disease.</p> <p>Constructively, electronic cigarette represents heater-vaporizer of nicotine-containing liquid. Researches made by Folds' group show that 78 % of experienced smokers refuse usual <a href="http://www.cigarettehouse.net/"><b>cigarettes</b></a> at all in favor of electronic. And it is interesting that considering this only 8 % from them use electronic <b>cigarettes</b> that are widely presented on the market.</p> <p>Main majority uses exclusive devices or upgraded by craftspeople. The main reason of serial electronic <b>cigarettes</b> refusal is their weak evaporation and low quality of construction. One more disadvantage, Folds marks, is lack of control of smoking liquid dosage and its' quality.</p> <p>It worth to mention, that research doesn't pretend on wholeness and doesn't apply to entire circle of "electronic" smokers. In interrogation participated 104 volunteers whose experience of electronic <b>cigarettes</b> smoking is more than one year. Research results were published in International Journal of Clinical Practice.</p>