<p><b>USA government has gang up on electronic cigarettes</b></p> <p>Authorities are going to prohibit electronic smoking in planes, trains and some states Members of USA government offered to prohibit smoking of electronic <b>cigarettes</b> on all flights - internal and external. About this has informed US Minister of Transport Ray LaHood. According to his opinion, smoking of <b>cigarettes</b>, even electronic, infringes rights of non-smoking passengers and makes the flight uncomfortable. Federal authorities also decide the issue of smoking ban on charter flights.</p> <p>To smoke real tobacco <a href="http://www.cigarettehouse.net"><b>cigarettes</b></a> during flights is already prohibited in USA. In defense of electronic cigarette advocate representatives of tobacco lobby that is quite authoritative in USA. According to their opinion electronic analogs don't create tobacco smoke and it means that during nicotine fumes inhalation smoker doesn't cause any harm to people around. However, authorities do not agree to this. Specialists from Ministry of Transport have declared that there is no whole scientific information yet about agencies that electronic <b>cigarettes</b> contain. And it means that it is rather to consider them harmful and dangerous while medics don't prove the contrary.</p> <p>Administration of several states already takes measures to prohibit sale and use of electronic <b>cigarettes</b>. The same restrictions has already introduced railway Company Amtrak. And USA Naval Command has prohibited soldiers and officers to smoke electronic <b>cigarettes</b> on submarines.</p>