<p><b>The penis size reduces if man smokes</b></p> <p>During experiments scientists have found out curious side effect of smoking among men - the size of their penis becomes less after they start smoking.</p> <p>From beginning the goal of experiments was to find out how smoking influences erectile function. As to train non-smoking men to vicious habit special for experiment was unreasonable and dangerous for health, double-domes of West science decided to go from inverse. Scientists have selected 65 men, heavy smokers with experience from one year to decades who were not averse to quit smoking and to help science as well.</p> <p>In a month of smoking refusal men were invited on experiment during which they were showed erotic films, parallel fixing with special equipment dimensions of their male dignity. It appeared that penis size of those who refused smoking in hard condition became bigger than from experiment beginning. Pleasant "bonus" became faster erection and its longer last.</p> <p>So, if you are man, smoke and are not satisfied with your penis size, experimenters address to sterner sex, than first of all you should quit smoking and only then think about plastic surgeries.</p>