<p><b>USA authorities have argued against electronic cigarettes. Part 2</b></p> <p>USA government and movements of smoking control that warn of electronic cigarettes' danger and try to prohibit their sale come out in a united front.</p> <p>As substitute to usual cigarette they offer only tested nicotine products such as chewing gum and plaster. And they were recommended to be used in limited quantities - as method of quitting smoking Food and Drug Administration (FDA) tried to prohibit sale of electronic <a href="http://www.cigarettehouse.net"><b>cigarettes</b></a>, classifying them as "devices for introduction of medications" that are not allowed to be sold on the market while their safety and effectiveness will not be attested by clinical trials.</p> <p>Campaign for prohibition of electronic <b>cigarettes</b> for the last year has suffered defeat when FDA decision was cancelled by court. Now activists continue attack, publishing information about harm of electronic <b>cigarettes</b>. They state that these devices don't motivate to quitting smoking, besides they can become first link on the way to nicotine dependence for youth and non-smokers.</p> <p>They also refer to FDA warnings that steam of electronic cigarette that is inhaled by smoker may contain several types of harmful and toxic substances.</p> <p>However Administration hasn't presented evidences that small quantities of these substances actually harm. Besides, wasn't mentioned that same traces of these components were found in other products approved by FDA as well, - including nicotine plasters and chewing gums. FDA methodology and warnings were criticized in scientific magazines by Polosa and other scientists.</p>