<p><b>School notebooks of small Indians will be decorated with inscriptions of tobacco harm</b></p> <p>Children in India easier and earlier become familiar with tobacco than on the West. Local traditions facilitate globalization. Aromatized chewing tobacco gutka that doesn't betray young nicotinist with smoke is as cheap as chips and in spite of the ban is sold to children by every second street seller. That is why Indian schoolchild can consume tobacco products even on lesson.</p> <p>However, nicotine is nicotine, but main things in the life of small Indian are school pen and notebook, filling which, schoolchild in India comprehends, for example, English or mathematics. Government of Bihar state gave way to recommendations of Oncologists' Association and decided to make amendments in design and filling of school notebooks soon - they will contain inscriptions and short stories about harm of <a href="http://www.cigarettehouse.net"><b>cigarettes</b></a> and chewing tobacco.</p> <p>In addition, heads of education system in Bihar will demand every month from state schools reports about anti-tobacco measures. For example, are school officials and teachers looking after the fact that tobacco products should be sold not closer than 100 yards (91 meter) from school buildings and not, let say, on the stall with candies and nuts in the school yard.</p>