<p><b>Scientists have proved that for population of Maine State is much easier to quit smoking that for others</b></p> <p>To quit smoking is very difficult. Approximately 20 % of Americans smoke till present, and approximately 70 % of smokers have gained strong nicotine dependence. Getting rid of vicious habit will require from you all your will, precise plan of actions and of course you will not do without support of your friends and family. But, it appears that the major part plays also your location. Not so long ago American Lung Association has published quite interesting research in which is cited lost of states where is more easier to quit smoking.</p> <p>The first place took Maine State. Then goes North Dakota, Delaware, Oklahoma and Wyoming. With some difficulties during smoking refusal will have to face Georgia, Louisiana, Alabama and Maryland population. And the most difficult to quit smoking will be for New Jersey residents. If you live in USA, have it in mind.</p>