<p><b>Smoking soldiers are bad fighters, consider Pentagon experts</b></p> <p>Tobacco and even caporal romance of battlefield way and military service at present moment of active and all-round smoking control loses charm and actuality. Current experts of legendary USA army have good reasons to consider that smoking and military service are incompatibles, despite the fact that almost one third are heavy smokers.</p> <p>Army experts are more worried about "fast" effects of tobacco smoking such as high risk of trauma or wound and bad physical endurance as well.</p> <p>Numerous researches of USA specialists have shown that smoking soldiers risk 90 % more to sustain bodily injuries during line of duty than those who don't smoke. And injuries of peculiar character related to muscular tissue wearing in which tiredness is accumulated during training drill - running, swimming, accelerated march and so on.</p> <p>The muscles of smokers-armed forces personnel weaken, they are not able, for example, "drop down and give some push ups" the same number of times as their non-smoking brother-soldiers. Besides, private smokers see worse in twilight and dark by 30-50%, grasp slower, catch cold oftener or suffer of overheating. Systematic tobacco consumption worsen blood vessel's condition in the extremities, that is why smoking soldiers sometimes in field conditions frostbitten leg's and hand's fingers. As result smoking among military personnel costs to Pentagon Health System 846 million USD annually.</p> <p>In many departments of United States Uniformed Services work free programs that help soldiers that have become addicted to tobacco in school youth give up vicious habit, almost in a moment feeling advantages of healthy life.</p>