<p><b>Three American women have gotten awards for quitting smoking</b></p> <p>In September of current year Health department of Indiana State (USA) has announced competition among local smokers that wish to overcome vicious habit but that don't have enough motivation. According to competition conditions person that will stand 31 days in October with no tobacco could have won money prize from thousand to 2.5 thousands USD. Prize money was granted by two Indian Companies that are specialized on health insurance.</p> <p>In the competition named "Quit smoking and get prize" took part 4.5 thousands people. Many of them have fallen out of the race, someone tried to be insincere, however tens state residents have honestly managed to spend entire October with no <a href="http://www.cigarettehouse.net"><b>cigarettes</b></a> and feel themselves better.</p> <p>Competition winners had to be selected by drawing. All three prize-winners were ladies. Janetta Brown from Indianaplois got 2.5 thousands USD in cash, Estefania Garsez - 1500 USD and Marsha Cheynei - 1000.</p> <p>Residents of neighboring states want the same now.</p>