<p><b>American smokers oftener are refused to be accepted for employment</b></p> <p>In 29 USA states and District Columbia act laws that protect tobacco smokers' rights. In other regions of the country smokers oftener and oftener are discriminated for the fact of smoking. In some places people that have nicotine dependence stopped to be accepted for employment.</p> <p>Most often sacramental "You don't suit us!" hear office-seekers in medical institutions. Promises not to smoke at working place during working hours are not accepted anymore. Challengers to well paid job obligatorily have to submit to urine test and if nicotine metabolites are found in it, they will not get this job.</p> <p>In January 2012 strict anti-tobacco politics was introduced, for example, by such employers like net of clinics "Baylor" in Texas state, casino "Hollywood" in Toledo city (Ohio state), Health department of Idaho state.</p> <p>Supporters of last resort sincerely wish sooner or later to see USA as territory free of tobacco smoke. At present moment in USA smoke totally 19.3 % of adult men and women, but 40 years ago this rate was totally different - 42.4 %.</p>