<p><b>In Germany price of cigarettes pack with filter has past over 5 euro</b></p> <p>German tobacco smokers in 2012 will have not only less health but also less money. Prices on tobacco products increase in entire Europe and from January 1st, 2012 in Germany excise tax was increased by 8 cents. Moreover, Reemtsma Imperial Tobacco Company has declared about "rounding" the price on its' products and it means that <b>cigarettes</b> of such brands as JPS, Gauloises, Davidoff and Peter Stuyvesant from now on are sold at the price that exceeds 5 euro. Reemtsma have joined some other manufacturers of <b>cigarettes</b>. In total will rise in price 19 most marketable brands of <b>cigarettes</b> that are sold in Germany.</p> <p>Manufacturer of <a href="http://cigarettehouse.net/?action=prod&cigarettes=Lucky%20Strike&prod=62"><b>Lucky Strike</b></a> and Pall Mall cigarettes, British American Tobacco Company has taken advantage of the situation for creating competitive advantage by declaring that prices for these popular brands will not go up.</p>