<p><b>King of Davidoff cigarettes. Part 1</b></p> <p>Father of cigar business King Zino Davidoff, escaping from Jewish demolitions, by hook or by crook managed to leave Russia and stop only in Switzerland. Zino was just five years old.</p> <p>In Geneva, capital of new homeland Switzerland, Haim Davidoff has opened again tobacco trade and his small shop became popular among Russian emigrants, even Lenin, as Zino has told, visited the shop.</p> <p>Haim Davidoff wanted his son to become musician. That is why in Geneva he has hired music teacher for Zino and he for entire life has kept love of the beautiful - he liked very much Mozart, and Arthur Rubinstein, by the way, one of their clients, was his favorite pianist. But he hasn't become musician after all.</p> <p>When he was eighteen, Zino went to South America in order to study his family business - tobacco business. For several years he has worked way up from gofer in tobacco small shop to tobacco buying agent for big plants. In Havana he became first European who has smoked unique Cuban cigar. After tasting it, Zino turn on the heat to send a batch of these cigars to his father, as he in every new letter hinted that his beloved son has to earn money that were spent on his education himself. However, at that moment he faced historical problem: how to make so, that expensive cigars won't turn into tobacco straw during sea travel?</p> <p>After several thoughts he has placed cigars in wooden box, and placed inside it device for maintaining necessary level of humidity - hygrometer. And in several months of sunny morning 1931 appeared on the threshold of Geneva small shop on Rooderive street in white sateen suit with the same box. When son saw his son's invention, he has said famous phrase: "It is said that everything of genius is simple, but so much..."