<p><b>King of Davidoff cigarettes. Part 2</b></p> <p>Senior Davidoff died soon and left his sign business that, unfortunately, has already been close to bankruptcy. But Zino has married daughter of rich merchant Marta Meyer. It wasn't marriage of convenience as cigar king has told later, but wife's dowry was spent for buying new shop.</p> <p>Davidoff wouldn't be Davidoff if he wouldn't have had merchant talent. During World War II years this shop became the only one in the Old World where could be purchased tobacco of highest quality. Zino treated his business, as today would be told, creatively, he has observed the rule: it is better to make one expensive thing than twenty cheap. He hasn't managed to become violinist and has transferred harmony laws on product that he has sold. He said: "We use only the best tobacco from different harvests. But elegant pack is my gift to clients".</p> <p>Davidoff staked on elitism and product exclusivity - cigars have been always made by hand. His branded goods became not only expensive method of maintaining nicotine dependence but first of all - sign of caste, belonging to a definite circle. So, in consideration of perfect cigars, already mentioned above outstanding pianist Arthur Rubinstein has often visited Geneva and has introduced Davidoff in the world of music bohemia. Famous actors Alain Delon and Louis de Funes have visited his shop. Among supporters of <b>Davidoff cigars</b> were also Rothschilds. Kennedy, Onassis, Marlen Ditrich.</p>