<p><b>King of Davidoff cigarettes. Part 3</b></p> <p>To 1969 Zino's shop remained just family business. Except the owner he got assistance from his brother Joseph, sister Elena, wife Martha and their daughter. Every day Davidoff, dressed in new suit, has advised his Buyers what to choose.</p> <p>In 1970 businessman Davidoff has joined capitals with his old friend and cigar devotee Ernst Schneider - the head of large Swiss Company that has imported tobacco "Ottinie Impex Company". As result of such merger was created philosophy "Davidoff of Geneva": "Company produces the best cigars in the world no matter how much it costs".</p> <p>The same year Davidoff for the first time for 25 years took one week holiday and went with his wife in Cannes. "During this week I prohibit to say in my presence word "tobacco", - he said to Martha. - We have to spend these days well". But even 24 hours haven't passed and he was flying back in the plain - attempt to leave favorite work hasn't succeeded. And in his modest five room flat from which hi hasn't moved even after becoming millionaire, Zino felt himself much better. Martha as always prepared Ukrainian borsch for him.</p> <p>Workaholic Davidoff gave appropriate names to his best cigars - "Chateau Latour", "Chateau Lafite" but his "Grand Cru" is the top of cigar flavor. That is why raw material was procured only in those districts that were considered optimal for growing tobacco of high sort. After World War II it was Cuba. Contacts were not interrupted even after victory on the revolution island in 1959. Davidoff has supported idea of Commandant Che Guevara about introduction of state tobacco monopoly, however he hasn't agreed against Cuba government decision to produce "national cigars", i.e. to make them with machines. Fidel Castro has obeyed his.</p>