<p><b>King of Davidoff cigarettes. Part 4</b></p> <p>However, almost twenty years ago, not long before Davidoff died, Cuba has broken agreement for tobacco delivery. And he has transferred his cigar business to Dominican Republic on Haiti Island that has the same climate as Cuba and tobacco is grown for more than 500 years. Sort "Special Art" from "Davidoff" got higher mark from International commission than former Cuban "Partagas".</p> <p>Now under the brand "Davidoff" are made a lot of elite goods: cigars, lighters, machines for cutting cigars and also cognac, leather products, modern clothes, perfume, accessories. They all are associated with notion of "good life". Among contemporaries of Davidoff cigar lovers are Arnold Schwarzenegger, Whoopi Goldberg, Linda Evangelista, and Jack Nicholson.</p> <p>"I have sold dreams and illusions entire life, - has confessed once Zino late in life. - My father could be proud of me."</p> <p>And, in fact, there is something to be proud of. Today only London branch of the Davidoff Company sells more than 400 thousands cigars of 220 types annually. But Davidoff name bear almost 50 shops in biggest capitals of the world.</p>