<p><b>Zimbabwean dictator Mugabe criticizes tobacco smoking control in the world</b></p> <p>After eating sweet crocodile in honor of Birthday, 88 years old Zimbabwean tyrant Robert Mugabe again has plunged into dissipation, finding this time reason to criticize odious Britons and other imperialists. It turns out that the world tends to launch next blow to weak Zimbabwe economy through tobacco control and trying to reduce tobacco purchases in Africa.</p> <p>On traditional congress of tribal leaders in Bulawayo Mugabe advised West countries to prohibit alcohol and not tobacco that he said "haven't killed anyone of us yet". Scots have especially caught for alcohol advertising - for video where actor Robert Carlyle lauds whiskey. Tribal leaders have supported dictator.</p> <p>President has called on Zimbabwean tobacco farmers to raise the price on products and strive for increasing of tobacco export volumes to such loyal to smoking countries as China. China Companies invest a lot of money to Zimbabwe tobacco industry and buy out up to 40 % of local tobacco.</p> <p>In 2011 countries farmers have gathered and sold 132.4 million kg of tobacco what is less than it was planned (was planned to be grown and sold 170 million kg). For this raw material Zimbabwe has gained 361.5 million USD. It is one eight part of country GDP. During peak season of 2000 harvest made 236 million kg but usual Zimbabweans (that make 94 % of unemployed) haven't become richer, rather vice-versa.</p> <p>Nevertheless, if there was no tobacco, aboriginals most likely wouldn't bear the deepest crises provoked by poor country administration by Robert Mugabe clique.</p>