<p><b>Cigarettes allergy: myth or realty? Part 1</b></p> <p>Results of many medical researches prove that <a href="http://www.cigarettehouse.net"><b>cigarettes</b></a> may become cause of hypersensitivity reactions. Risk of cigarettes allergy increases if person that is near the smoker or smokes has asthma symptoms. Cigarettes allergy: what causes allergy indeed?</p> <p>Cigarettes allergy causative agents are small particles that consist of proteins that body erroneously takes for viruses or microbes. Cigarette smoke contains tiny ash particles of various tars - namely they form white clouds of smoke. But smoke itself, strange as it may seem, doesn't cause allergy as it doesn't contain protein. Smoke particles can be exciters that cause a lot of discomfort and provoke complications of such diseases as asthma. But no one can affirm that namely is smoke is exciter of cigarettes allergy; technically it will not be right. Just people, who think that they suffer of tobacco smoke, suffer of difficulties that this smoke causes. Cigarette smoke is reason of additional load on the body and immune system. For example, cat's flock that is flying in the air will be allergen but cannot become yet the reason of overreaction. But if person at the same time also inhales tobacco smoke, body cannot cope with allergen. Also asthma will be much dangerous if tobacco smoke effect admixes to its influence.</p>