<p><b>Cigarettes allergy: myth or realty? Part 2</b></p> <p>Symptoms and precautionary measure of cigarettes allergy.</p> <p>Cigarettes allergy can cause cough, sneezing and rash for some people. Complications from cigarettes allergy may include bronchitis or sinusitis. Symptom that will arouse more serious consequences may become neck edema. Nubs in throat area that will be accompanied by swellings in oral cavity and other head and face parts, can indicate anaphylaxis, potentially fatal allergic reaction. In such cases is necessary to call an ambulance urgently.</p> <p>If you know about your sensitivity to cigarettes smoke the best recommendation for you will be to avoid staying in places with many smokers or if you smoke you should forget of this habit immediately. If even after the measures have been taken you still notice symptoms of cigarettes allergy - address to your doctor. Maybe such body reaction has another reason - thyroid body disease and lymph glands can also provoke neck edemas.</p>