<p><b>How to quit smoking and not put the weight on? Part 2</b></p> <p>Success of anti-cigarette diet is guaranteed:</p> <p>1. To get rid of intoxication. For this you should consume products that are rich with antioxidants, carotene and vitamin C. You should prefer carrot, green vegetables and citruses.</p> <p>2. More water. You should drink prescribed 8-10 glasses of water, and it is better to prefer herbal or green tea instead of black one.</p> <p>3. Useful food breaks. To distract from thoughts about "smoke break" is possible by chewing dried fruits on an apple.</p> <p>4. Refuse coffee. The link "cigarette with coffee" should be broken.</p> <p>5. Restrict ration calorie content. Less candies, sweets and buns. "No" to smoked sausages.</p> <p>6. Make sport. You need maximum of motions.</p> <p>7. Positive mood. You should, finally, decide and not mask slips behind the veil of cigarette smoke and start taking actions.</p>