<p><b>For women is more difficult to refuse cigarettes</b></p> <p>For women is more difficult to refuse smoking than for men because of special reaction of their brain on nicotine, consider American scientists from Yale University.</p> <p>Scientists have explained that when person smokes, in his brain increases number of nicotine receptors what leads to dependence development. The more receptors - the more difficult is to refuse this vicious habit. During new research specialists have determined that male smokers have higher number of nicotine receptors than men who don't smoke. As to women, scientists were amazed, discovering that smokers and non-smokers have the same number of receptors.</p> <p>According to researchers' opinion it means that female tobacco dependence develops not the same way as male. Probably, women get used not only with nicotine component of <a href="http://www.cigarettehouse.net"><b>cigarettes</b></a> but also to smoke's flavor, deep breath during smoking and just to hold <b>cigarettes</b> in hands.</p> <p>On this stage scientists cannot explain why women react on <b>cigarettes</b> not the same way as man. Taking into consideration peculiarities of female body, female-smokers can be unreasonable to be treated with the help of replacing <b>cigarettes</b> with other nicotine sources (patches, chewing gums). It is possible that such methods of influence as meditations or psychological help are more effective for fair sex representatives, consider specialists.</p>