<p><b>In New Zealand cigarettes can rise in price up to 100 USD for one pack</b></p> <p>To 2020 pack of <b>cigarettes</b> in New Zealand can rise in price up to 100 USD. In such a way, authorities intend to make country free of smoking.</p> <p>In New Zealand Ministry of Health is examined possibility of raising the prices on <a href="http://www.cigarettehouse.net"><b>cigarettes</b></a> in average up to 100 USD for one pack to 2020, Sky News informs. It will become one of measures meant to make country free of smoking to 2025.</p> <p>For this is necessary to increase price of cigarette pack annually average by 30 %. Under another scenario is offered increase of prices by 10 % per year, beginning with 2012, however authorities are inclined to stricter variant.</p> <p>As official document distributed by New Zealand Ministry of Health says, tobacco taxation is the most effective interference that allows reducing of smoking citizens significantly.</p> <p>Authorities also consider such opportunities as smoking ban in the cars with children and increase of public anti-tobacco campaigns quantity.</p> <p>For the last ten years is governments of many countries in the world undertake active measures against tobacco smoking. In USA and most European countries is prohibited smoking in public places, infringers of these rules have to pay high penalties. In some Middle East countries was introduced ban for smoking even on the street.</p>